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- climate neutral -



Friday, August 28th - Sunday, September 6th (9 Nights/10 days).

In 2020 we’ll roll out our mats in a wonderful place: in the end of August we will move our practice to Portugal. We will interpret ‘retreat’ as moving back and withdrawing our senses from the everyday life: The trip will give us the opportunity to focus on ourselves and to simply slow down. We will use the eight steps of Ashtanga Yoga as a tool to calm our minds, especially the steps following asanas and pranayama: prathyahra, dhyana and dharana. Depending on your flight option, we will enjoy nine or ten days of silence, relaxation and sun in Portugal.



Casa Shanti (house of peace) is a traditional, restored manor house in the portuguese country side and offers everything we need for a relaxing time out: a room for yoga and meditation, a spacious garden, a small pool as well as the typical countryside (not to forget: casa shanti is located near the famous coasts with the huge waves). The big property will let you find places to be alone, to relax, to meditate as well as to spend some time together with the other yogis.

The place consists of several stone houses, each with a own living room, several rooms and baths. We’ll stay in double bed rooms (beds can be separated), quasi-single rooms (2x) and one single bed room (own entrance and own bath).

More pictures you will find here: Pictures of Casa Shanti (approx. 145 MB)



Twice a day we’ll enjoy a biological-organic and vegetarian-vegan meal. Brunch will be offered after the morning class at 10.30 a.m. and dinner at 06.30 p.m. If there are any food intolerances, please let us know.

At any time of the day we offer coffee, tea, water and fruits. All inclusive! Let us know if you miss or want something: Ask for it and you get it! Not included: alcohol, meat and tabac.


The daily routine:

08:00 a.m.Mysore-practice- daily -
10:30 a.m.Brunch- daily -
17:00 p.m.Theory or practice session- Saturday to Saturday -
18:30 p.m.Dinner- daily -
AfterwardsMeditation and Mantra-Singing- Saturday to Saturday -
WednesdayVipassana-Meditation for all who are interested- full day -


The arrival:

Suggestion: TAP Air Portugal TP571

I suggest booking an early flight, f.ex. the one shown above, so we can drive to the manor house together and to enjoy a wonderful, relaxing, full first arrival day. Further informations regarding the organisation and the possibility to contact the other participates for on the side arrangement I will send and take care after registration or on request.


The departure:

Suggestion: TAP Air Portugal TP576 or TP572

Check-out is Sunday, September 6th, after Brunch. Regarding of your flight option, we enjoy a last relaxing day together.


Climate neutrality in year 1 after Thunberg:

For some time I wasn’t certain, if there will be another retreat in 2020. The reason: The current climate change asks us to change our lifestyle. Travelling by plane, our eating habits and our whole lifestyle slowly destroy the planet that we are living on. With AYRF I don’t want to make empty promises, but truly DO something. In the year 1 after Thunberg, I decided to arrange a climate neutral retreat. This means:

  • Excessive consumption of meat is climate killer #1. The food at the retreat will be vegan/vegetarian.
  • Air travel causes an tremendous amount of carbon dioxide. Flying to Portugal and back causes around 350kg of carbon dioxide (generously rounded to 400kg CO² to make up for all the other sources of CO² during the retreat). To compensate for this amount of carbon dioxide and even more, AYRF supports reafforestation projects in Germany. The costs for this are 10 € per person. If participants want to raise that total, they are welcome to do so!
  • At our retreat we will be aware of using regional products more than products from overseas and keep our waste production to a minimum. We will treat nature with care and respect.


The costs:

€ 1.530,- per person / single bed room, own separate entrance and bath.

€ 1.380,- per person / quasi-single bed room, shared bath.

€ 1.280,- per person / double bed room.

Prices incl. VAT., excl. travel expenses

With your binding registration 50% will become due. The other 50% will become due until March 31st 2020.

€ 10,00 per person for climate neutrality (voluntary higher payment is welcome). This money will be given to afforestation projects in Germany incl. certification.


Cancellation fee:

If you for any reasons not be able to take part at the retreat up to March 31st 2020 a cancellation fee of 25% will become due, up to April 30th 2020 it is 50%, up to May 31st 2020 it is 75% and after May 31st 2020 the cancellation fee is 100%. If the participant find a substitute, no cancellation fee will be charged.



Ashanga Yoga Raum Frankfurt

Christian O. Braun

0178 – 54 54 132


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