MEDITATION & MANTRA | Ashtanga Yoga Raum Frankfurt


Friday evening after the mysore session

approx. 8:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.

FUNDAMENTALS WORKSHOP | Ashtanga Yoga Raum Frankfurt


Saturday, date follows

10:00 – 18:00

PRIMARY SERIES WORKSHOP | Ashtanga Yoga Raum Frankfurt


Saturday, date follows
10:00 – 18:00

Sunday, date follows
10:00 – 16:00

ASHTANGA YOGA RETREAT | Ashtanga Yoga Raum Frankfurt


August 28th til
September 6th

Portugal / Mafra




MEDITATION & MANTRA | Ashtanga Yoga Raum Frankfurt

Every Friday evening after the Mysore practice, we leave the path of the Asanas at Ashtanga Yoga Raum Frankfurt and go on to three more levels of AshtangaYoga. Learn more about Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana.

We calmly withdraw our senses (Pratyahara), focus on an object such as breathing, or enter a state of mindfulness (Dharana) and possibly immerse ourselves in the depths of meditation(Dhyana).

With singing or reciting traditional mantras, we will finish the wonderful come-together in a beautiful and touching way.

Meditation is linked to the previous mysore class. Those who like to participate practice in such a way that they finish their practice at about 20:00 and go into the rest ingenuity phase (Shavasana).

Afterwards there is the possibility to leave the room to move for meditation (warm socks are recommended!). However, if you like, you can also sit directly and wait in peace in the meditation seat for the other participants.

The duration of a session depends on the energy in the room; usually we are 30-45 minutes (incl. mantras).




10:00 – 18:00

FUNDAMENTALS WORKSHOP | Ashtanga Yoga Raum Frankfurt

What we practice in the courses is only part of what makes Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. That’s why I regularly teach a Fundamentals workshop. On the one hand, it deals with the origin and importance of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as well as the practical tools for deepening your practice (Pranayama, Tristana, Vinyasa,etc.), other basics worth knowing and my personal view of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga System: one of four events for your understanding around Ashtanga Yoga. Learn a fundamental deepening of your Ashtanga practice.

The prerequisite for participation is only an existing, consolidated and independent Ashtanga Yoga Mysore practice of at least the Fundamentals.

Money should not be the reason for not participating in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes or my workshops. For this reason, Ashtanga Yoga Raum Frankfurt has always offered the Principle of solidarity.

It makes perfect sense to attend the workshop several times! Because the more often you hear something, the better it stays in the memory. If you participate multiple times, the price will be reduced each time.

Cost 1st participation: 125.00 €

Cost 2nd Participation: 85.00 €

Cost 3rd participation: 50.00 €

Drinks and fruit included.



10:00 – 18:00

10:00 – 16:00

PRIMARY SERIES WORKSHOP | Ashtanga Yoga Raum Frankfurt

The Primary Series (Yoga Chikitsa = Yoga Therapy) is the first of six series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The focus is on physical cleansing or therapy as preparation for the energetic equivalent in the second series (nadi sodhana = energetic cleansing). To gain a deeper understanding of the correct execution of the asanas of the first series, I offer a two-day workshop: one of four events to deepen your practice.

In which we discuss the correct alignment of the individual asanas and discuss possible variations if an exercise cannot (yet) be performed correctly. You learn to adapt the practice to you and not to emulate a perfect fit – the focus is on the individual execution. In the workshop we combine these intensively with the principle of movement (vinyasa): the connection from one asana to the next.

We also dedicate ourselves to the system of Tristana: breathing (pranayama), energetic locks (bandhas) and gazing points (Drishtis), your practice should accompany more and more with time and eventually become a natural component, also as a basis for dynamic meditation. For me, this is one of the most important goals of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

To get an even better understanding of the asanas, we cover the names of each exercise – these reveal more about the purpose and the necessary execution than one would expect.

Prerequisite for participation in the workshop is an existing practice in the first series, although you do not yet know or need to know all the exercises. The course will be adapted to the yogis taking part.

Money should not be the reason not participating in Ashtanga classes or workshops. For this reason, AYRF has always offered the Principle of solidarity.

It makes perfect sense to attend workshops several times! Because depending on where you are with your practice, you can take new insights with you. In case of multiple participation, the price will be reduced.

[The regular Fundamentals workshop is an useful addition, but is not necessary to participate.]

Cost 1st participation: 195.00 €

Cost 2nd participation: 135.00 €

Cost 3rd participation: 85.00 €

Drinks and fruit included.



AUGUST 28th until


(9 nights/10 days).

ASHTANGA YOGA RETREAT | Ashtanga Yoga Raum Frankfurt

Also in 2020 we roll out our mats in a very special place: At the end of August we go to the retreat in Portugal! In the true sense of the word “re-treat”, the stay offers the opportunity to withdraw and fully reflect on oneself. For this purpose, we use the paths of Ashtanga Yoga, which follow Asana and Pranayama: Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana. Depending on the flight option, we will enjoy nine or ten days of rest, relaxation and the Portuguese sun: one of four events of Ashtanga Yoga Raum Frankfurt. A wonderful way to let go.

The accommodation:

The Casa Shanti (House of Peace) is a traditional, restored farm inland and offers everything you need for a shared retreat and a relaxing time: of course a yoga and meditation room, a winding garden, a small pool and the typical landscape around it (the accommodation is not far from the coasts known for the giant waves!). On the large estate you will find plenty of re-treat places to relax, meditate and exchange ideas.

We are accommodated in double rooms (the beds are separable), in quasi-single rooms (2x) and a single room in several stone houses. Each house has its own living room, bathroom and a separate kitchen.

The catering:

Freshly cooked for us twice a day: organic-organic and vegetarian/vegan. Brunch is served after the yoga practice at 10.30 a.m. and dinner at 6.30 p.m. Any intolerances can be addressed.

You can also grab coffee, tea, water and fruit at any time. All inclusive! And if you’re missing something else: Ask for it and you get it! Only alcohol, meat and tobacco are excluded from the included offer.

The daily routine:

08:00 a.m. – Mysore-Practice

10:30 a.m. – Brunch together

5:00 p.m. – Theory or Practice classes

6:30 p.m. – Dinner together

8:00 p.m. – Meditation and Mantra

The arrival:

I recommend choosing an early flight, e.g. the one above, so that we can drive to the accommodation collected and enjoy a nice, relaxed, full day of arrival. Further informations I will send after the registration and gladly also on request by e-mail before.

The departure:

Check-out is on Sunday, September 6<sup>th</sup>, after brunch. Depending on the flight option, we will spend a relaxing day together at Casa Shanti.

The climate neutrality:

It was far from clear whether the retreat would take place again in 2020. The reason is that current climate change requires us to change our lifestyles. Air travel, our diet, and our sprawling lifestyle are gradually destroying the planet we live on. At AYRF, I really want to get into action instead of empty words. In the year 1 after Thunberg I decided to organize a climate-neutral retreat. This means:

Excessive meat consumption is climate killer #1. The food therefore remains vegan/vegetarian.

Air travel is A CO2 slingshot. The return flight to Portugal costs approx. 350kg CO2 per person (generously rounded up 400kg CO2 to reflect other consumption on site). To compensate for this amount of CO2, AYRF supports afforestation projects in German mixed forests that at least compensate for this consumption. The additional financial expenditure amounts to 10 € per person. The amount may be increased on a voluntary basis by the participants.

On site, we rely largely on regional products and reduce our waste to a minimum. We also treat nature with an appreciative and careful approach.

The cost:

€ 1.530,- per person in a single room with private bathroom and entrance.

€ 1.380,- per person in a quasi-single room, shared bathroom.

€ 1.280,- per person in a double room.

Prices are incl. VAT, excluding travel costs

For a binding booking, 50% will be charged as a deposit. The remaining 50% will be due on March 31st 2020.

€ 10,00 per person for climate neutrality (on a voluntary basis more). This supports afforestation projects in Germany.

Money should also not stand in the way of regular participation in Ashtanga Yoga Retreats. For this reason, AYRF has the principle of solidarity. After consultation, AYRF also offers participation on a solidarity basis.

The cancellation costs:

Until March 31st 2020 25% of the total costs will be incurred as cancellation costs, until April 30th 2020 50%, until May 31st 2020 75% and after May 31st 2020 100%. If the participant finds a replacement on his own, the cancellation costs are waived.