》Classroom teaching (incl. online lessons in hybrid model) is taking place again.

》Since only a limited number of people are allowed, registration for the classes as usual via WhatsApp (or SMS).

》We also rent our Shala for workshops, one-time activities or for regular lessons. We charge € 25,00 net per hour of use of our rooms. If you are interested, simply contact us at or call me directly: 0178-5454132.

》We also like to rent to physiotherapists, masseurs, etc. (a massage table is located in the studio and can be shared).




CHRIS | Team #1

Before I came into contact with Ashtanga Yoga, my life was focused on sports and physical challenges. I worked as an aerobics and fitness trainer in various gyms in Frankfurt and let myself be persuaded to do my first yoga class. A turning point that finally took me to where I stand today: I have been practising and teaching Ashtanga Yoga in Frankfurt since 2005 and forming the head of the team.

I took the opportunity to practice with different teachers, but when someone asks me where I learned Ashtanga, the correct answer is: On the mat. Regular practice with yourself will allow you to dive deeper into yoga and learn more about this path and about yourself than you can ever learn through out any workshop or teacher training.

In my studio, I and my team teach the students the essence of the Ashtanga yoga system. The fusion of theasanas (postures), bandhas (energy locks) and drishtis (gazing points), also called Tristana, is fundamental for this. I also give an insight into the other seven limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. Interested in a trial class, then like to contact me.

Looking back over the last few years, I have realized that not only the students, but also me as a teacher, are undergoing constant change along the path of Ashtanga Yoga. Over the years, my view of both my own role as a teacher and my way of teaching has changed. At the beginning I still felt like a strict traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher and today I wouldould rather describe myself as a companion, initiator and supporter on the individual paths of Ashtanga Yoga. I keep tradition in mind, but the focus of my courses is on individuality.

After the Ashtanga Yoga community was shaken by the post-mortem acts of K. Pattabhi Jois, I decided to remove his pictures from my Shala. While I have seen Pattabhi Jois as an inspirational person, respect for the victims is to send a clear signal against abuse.

A guru-centered system can have its positive sides if the so-called guru fulfils his role: he should lead his disciples from the dark to the light, from ignorance to knowledge and from ignorance to knowledge (of their self). But his status should not create room for any kind of abuse. As a human being, as a student and as a teacher, I have always questioned such guru-centric systems. The center of Ashtanga Yoga should not lie in a person or institution, but in everyone, regardless of space and time.

Om namah shivaya!