Intermediate Series for FUN!

Many people are frightened of or intimidated by the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga yet it is truly one of the most fun and exciting sequences! David will present the asanas with great compassion, patience and humor. This class is designed for experienced Ashtanga practitioners yet is open to anyone wishing to explore this dynamic routine. David will methodically work through the entire series offering options and user-friendly alternatives as he goes. Class will be followed by an open discussion allowing students to ask David questions about any topics of interest.

Experience a Compassionate Presentation of Intermediate Series

Scorpions, Peacocks and Insects that fly. Oh My!

Exploring the Asana Jungle and the Animals Within

It would appear as though the first yogis observed nature to gain inspiration and insight into their development of asanas and yoga itself. There is a wonderful ‘zoological’ component to many asanas such as the Peacock, Scorpion, Frog, Crane, Dog, Flying Insect, Crocodile, Horse and many more. In this class David will present ways to approach these amazing creatures with care, wonder and joy through partner work and individual flow. He is open to any suggestions of ‘animal’ postures that the participants may want to explore as well. This class is really fun and sure to put a smile on your face. Of course if there are “non-animal” asanas of interest we can explore those as well :). The Wild and Wonderful Asana Animals are Waiting for You!

Ashtanga Yoga – Inside and Out

A Full Day Immersion Into the Joy of Ashtanga Yoga. This class is an in-depth immersion and fun-filled exploration of the dynamic system of Ashtanga Yoga covering as much ground as is possible in one full day. This immersion is arranged in 2 sessions, morning and afternoon.

In the morning there will be an overview of the First Series with David offering user-friendly alternatives to many of the more complex asanas as well as an array of options for the vinyasas. This will then be followed by a talk-through of the Full First Series with David leading every breath of the way. David is well known for his compassionate approach and encouraging presentation to all students.

There will then be a break for lunch.

In the afternoon session David will give further details about individual asanas and answer questions the students may have about aspects of their own personal yogic journey or unique interests. There will be time spent partnering during an in-depth exploration of the realms of vinyasa. David refers to this as the Physics of Flight. It is a fun-filled section of the day and full of energy. Things will begin to wind down with a discussion about the wonder of breath and it’s applications in daily life as well as yoga. The day will end with David leading the group through some gentle and soothing pranayama techniques as well as a guided deep relaxation.

It is going to be a spectacular event. You are sure to go home with a smile on your face and a feeling of knowledge gained, laughter shared and new friends made! Don’t Miss It!

Tools & Techniques for Health, Healing and Happiness

Ashtanga is not meant to be some kind of elite fitness program just for people with two arms, two legs, and a strong, flexible body.

This class will look at ways to work with a healthy body as well as how to work with injuries or special conditions that limit our ability. By learning to recognize the inherent lines of energy in an asana we may discover ways to create harmony within those lines while working within the realms of our limitations and abilities. This will be done through Q and A to explore specific conditions and situations as well as practical work with partners to apply the techniques.